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Will McGoldrick is Climate Change Policy Manager at WWF-Australia. He specialises in international climate change policy and law and has participated in the UN climate negotiations both as a government representative and non-government observer.

Stronger emission reduction targets for less

The climate policy debate in Australia is currently pre-occupied with how to cut pollution, rather than how big the cuts need to be. With an election just around the corner, a new report commissioned by WWF-Australia helps to put the … Continue reading

Will McGoldrick June 05, 2013
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Climate spotlight on Australia after Doha

The Doha Climate Summit delivered progress on some important structural issues, including the finalisation of the amendments to the Kyoto Protocol and agreement on a way forward to negotiate a new treaty by 2015, which will include binding commitments from … Continue reading

Will McGoldrick December 18, 2012
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Climate march through Doha: An update from COP18

I grew up with stories from my parents about their involvement in the history-making anti-Vietnam War rallies held across Australia in the early 1970s. In Doha on Saturday it was my turn to make a little history when I participated … Continue reading

Will McGoldrick December 06, 2012
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Why is Australia so quiet at Doha?

At the end of the first week of the Doha Climate Summit countries are entering into the final stages of negotiations on rules to deal with the 13 billion tonnes of surplus carbon permits left over from the first commitment period of … Continue reading

Will McGoldrick December 04, 2012
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Kyoto2 is a downpayment on stronger global climate action

Whether it is turning out in our thousands to clean up after a natural disaster or helping at a school working bee, Australians understand the importance of chipping in to get a job done. Community service is in our DNA. … Continue reading

Will McGoldrick November 12, 2012
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The case for bipartisanship on Kyoto

Given the bruising carbon price debate, most people would think it mad to suggest that Australia’s next big decision on climate policy can and should receive bipartisan support. But there’s a convincing case for this to happen, as both sides … Continue reading

Will McGoldrick August 14, 2012
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