Pre-schoolers working towards a better future

How many pre-schoolers do you know that are working to change the world? That’s exactly what is happening at the Point Pre-school, the winners of the 2011 People’s Choice category in the first WWF-Earth Hour Awards.

Catherine Lee and her colleagues won the award for their inspiring work in nurturing sustainable young minds and building a better future.

The children take daily action for the environment at the school with every day being a ‘waste-free’ day. Food scraps go to a worm farm, recyclables are washed and sorted, and containers are reused for art projects.

The pre-schoolers take to their tasks with gusto and also plant, tend, harvest, and eat fresh veggies from their garden!

Catherine says, “We can only imagine the impact the Point Preschool graduates may have when they reach high school and when they join the work force and collaborate and educate the wider community.”

Since winning the award the children have continued learning and doing and have even been collecting old mobile phones from their families for recycling!

The children made this short movie explaining what sustainability means to them. Have a look to see just how the pre-schoolers won over Australia to be the first People’s Choice Award winners.

If you want to participate in the WWF Earth Hour Awards this year, apply now but you’d better get in quickly – applications close on Sunday!

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