Pizza, prizes and saving sea birds

One cold, drizzling November night at home in the Netherlands, my phone rang. On the other end, a colleague, Wouter, asked what I was doing. “Eating pizza,” I replied. “Any John West tuna on your pizza?” Wouter prompted. He went … Continue reading

Ernst Schrijver March 05, 2015
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Meeting Uncle Jim

Tony Bugeja is a sugar cane farmer from Mackay in North Queensland. For over five years Tony and his family have been a part of Project Catalyst, partnering with WWF-Australia, industry and scientists to reduce the fertiliser and sediment run-off … Continue reading

Tony Bugeja February 20, 2015
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What my dad taught me

My name is Denis Pozzebon, and I am a second-generation cane farmer in the Burdekin. In 1954, my father emigrated from Italy. He had nothing in his pocket. (He always tells me that story) When dad made it up to … Continue reading

Denis Pozzebon February 18, 2015
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Tiger survival, lessons from Nepal

How did we get here? To a point where there are as few as 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild today. 3,200. That’s it.   How did an animal of such strength, prowess and majesty die off to such low … Continue reading

Darren Grover February 11, 2015
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Why tennis star Andy Murray became a WWF global ambassador

Not only is Andy Murray a world-ranked tennis star currently on our shores for this month’s Australian Open – he’s also now our global ambassador. His passion for native wildlife around the world has led him to join WWF in … Continue reading

Andy Murray January 21, 2015
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Continuing to unveil the mystery of flatback turtles

By Christine Hof, Species Conservation Project Coordinator “As I watch her digging an egg chamber, slowing but precisely scooping out sand with her hind flippers making her nest, I sit in awe of these wonderful and inquisitive reptiles. It always … Continue reading

Christine Hof December 22, 2014
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