Feeding over 9 billion people without eating up the places we love – how do we do it?

By 2050, humanity needs to produce twice[1] the amount of food we do today in order to feed the forecast 9.7 billion people[2]. That’s a lot of hungry mouths. Producing all this food will be a challenge for Australia as … Continue reading

WWF Australia August 26, 2016
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Nyarlku takes all the jakurli to Broome

Story told by Bessie Doonday, Walmajarri elder, 22 June 2012, reproduced with permission from ‘Walmajarri Plants & Animals: Aboriginal biocultural knowledge from the Paruku IPA, Southern Kimberley, Australia. In the Waljirri, or Dreaming, Nyarlku the bilby found all the jakurli … Continue reading

July 08, 2016
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Wicked wasabi and sustainable salmon

by Jo-anne McCrea, Australian Fisheries and Seafood Manager, WWF-Australia As if meal planning and preparing food is not enough of a challenge in a busy day, throw in “sustainability” and you take things to a whole new level! I’m responsible … Continue reading

WWF-Australia June 23, 2016
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National Volunteering Week 9 – 13 May

Volunteers have a power in today’s society and a drive that enables them to make a true difference in the world – can you imagine what it would be like without them? We couldn’t. For National Volunteering Week, we’ve put … Continue reading

Earth Hour Australia May 09, 2016
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Campaign report: Help the planet. One app at a time.

By Henry Churchill, Senior Manager, Sustainable Business, WWF-Australia Apple, WWF and the developers of some of the most incredible apps in the App Store joined forces last week to help protect life on our planet. Starting on 14 April and … Continue reading

WWF Australia April 21, 2016
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Searching for a Phantom in the Kimberley

By Dr Alexander Watson, Kimberley Program Manager, WWF-Australia   This is my home away from home. Living in the Kimberley for over four years, working in areas like this, believe me, I know I’m one lucky scientist. Not only is … Continue reading

April 08, 2016
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